The Seven Curricula are seven different classes that are attended Blood Circle-wide. However, sometimes this is breached, for example by Lucifer Octavii of Deathlock.

The curriculaEdit

  1. Offenses (first-year and over): Teaches the control of elements and the arts of duelling used in the Other World.
  2. Defenses (first-year and over): Teaches defensive spells of all elements used in the Other World to protect duelists.
  3. World Studies (second-year and over): Teaches the histories and presents of the Other World, primarily focused on halfbloods who didn't grow up in the Other World.
  4. Runic (second-year and over): Teaches ancient runes of the Other World. Ties somewhat with World Studies.
  5. Potioneering (second-year and over): Teaches the brewing and abilities of elixirs, draughts, poisons and brews.
  6. Tertiary Magic (third-year and over): Teaches the usage of enchantments and how useful they are practically.
  7. Zoology (third-year and over): Teaches the behaviour, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of magical animals.