Marcellus Sanguinilon
Gender Male
Hair colour White
Eye colour Red
Species Vampire
Loyalty Marcellus Element Telling

"Your blue eyes are bluer than the seas, and brighter than the skies. You feel pleasure the most when near the sounds and touches of the depths, and that is where you are feared most. You hold a trait of the waters, you have underwater authority, but you are a joke on the surfaces. This fear induces anger, thus, black hair, darkness, blackness, people fear you and will fear you."
             ―Marcellus Sanguinilon

Element-teller Marcellus Cedric Sanguinilon was a vampire element-teller who resided within the Pavilion. He had a huge memory, and a freakish personality. Marcellus was exceptionally skilled at his job, though not many people appreciated him for it, as his shop was heavily graffitied.

In 2007, Marcellus told the element of Alexander Falkner, which turned out to be water, and cost forty crowns.


  • Sanguinilon is derived from 'Sanguin' which means 'tinged blood,' issuing towards Marcellus' vampirity.