Lucinda Falkner
Gender Female
Hair colour Grey
Blood Warlock
Species Human
Spouses Tyrone Falkner
Children Radbyrne Falkner
Allies Elbion Archonir

Lucinda Gabrielle Falkner (née Dire) was a witch and the grandmother of Alexander Falkner, consequently being the wife of Tyrone Falkner and the mother of Radbyrne Falkner. For thirteen years under Elbion Archonir's orders the kept the Other World unknown from Alex while they lived in Ivy Dwelling, Hallwood.

Within Lucinda's younger years, she was a rebel to the Dires, unlike the rest of her family, and her traits passed on to Radbyrne, and furthermore Alex. She attended the Blood Circle and lived her five years in the house of Deathlock.


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