Hallwood Lake kelpie
Gender Male
Fur/feather colour Green
Eye colour White
Species Kelpie
Loyalty Hallwood Lake
Hallwood Lake kelpie herd
Allies Hallwood Lake kelpie (2)
Enemies Alexander Falkner

"He turned around, and there stood a marvellous horse, galloping on a large silver stone, broading a whispy green mane. It glared at Alex with fierce white eyes, staring into his soul, and it smiled a selection of sour, rotten teeth; it was obviously not friendly."

This kelpie resided within Hallwood Lake along with its herd. In 2007, it attacked Alexander Falkner, who was consequently rescued by the Hallwood Park ranger. This kelpie may have had association with another kelpie, as they both attacked Alex at the same time.


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