Main Character ★
Elbion Archonir
Gender Male
Hair colour Silver
Eye colour Violet
Blood Warlock
Species Human
Element Air
Parents Kingsley Archonir
Sigyn Archonir
Siblings Benedict Archonir
Edward Archonir
Loyalty Blood Circle
Allies Alexander Falkner

Senior Warlock, First Grandsire Elbion Oberon Leonard Patrick Archonir was a warlock and the son of Kingsley and Sigyn Archonir. In the late 1900s and early 2000s, he led the secretive Blood Circle and kept its secret. His most trusted were Lucinda Falkner, Endymion Vermont, Lucifer Octavii and Providentia Succumberry.

Elbion grew up in Wiltshire, where his family were near multi-millionaires. He lived with his brothers Benedict and younger Edward. From his departure, Archonir Manor has been left irresided.


  • The name was originally a more common 'Albion Archonir,' but Prof Dumbledore disliked the alliteration.
  • Prof Dumbledore tried to disuse his common overusage of Dumbledore and Gandalf's age and beards, thus, he used a unique ponytail for Archonir and a mixture of a more olden vocabulary with the more newly generative terms.