Main Character ★
Cedalion Crown
Gender Male
Hair colour Brunette
Eye colour Blue
Blood Warlock
Species Human
Element Solar
Parents Cronus Crown
Siblings Celeste Crown
Loyalty Blood Circle
Allies Lewis Saunders
Alexander Falkner
Russell Tenderfoot
Lewis Saunders
Enemies Silvius Buckingham

"This is Russell Tenderfoot, and my brot ... sister, Celeste; sorry, sis, mistook you for a boy!"
             ―Cedalion Crown

Cedalion Cronus "Ced" Crown was a warlock and the son of Cronus Crown, alongside his sister Celeste. He started his education in the Blood Circle at age thirteen in 2007, being in the House of Aurwick, led by Endymion Vermont. He was a close friend of Lewis Saunders, having shared a dormitory with him, as well as Russell Tenderfoot, William Thorne and Alexander Falkner.

Cedalion was a major mischief-maker in his schooling of 2007 to 2012. He found hundreds of secret passages and rooms scattered over Aurwick Castle, caught by librarian, Miss Valen, and further catching the eye of Endymion himself. He often snuck screechers and fartcakes into classrooms in use, which deeply humiliated and annoyed employees of Aurwick.


"Cedalion and Lewis continued messing around with the castle, finding over sevens of secret passages per day, and silently drifting screechers and farcakes into used classrooms."

Cedalion had a lust for trouble, along with Lewis Saunders. During his time in Aurwick, he often skipped classes in order to visit The Silver Sage and he also discovered a secret room underneath his bed, in which he stored drinks, sweets and electronic items.

Mostly in his free time, he played on an XBOX with Lewis, which the teachers knew not of. Cedalion also had a vivid view of crows, especially his friend Alex's, Meredith.


  • Cedalion was based on James Potter from Harry Potter.
  • In Greek mythology, Cedalion (or Kedalion) was the servant of Hephaestus.
  • Though "Cedalion" is pronounced ke-dal-eon, it is pronounced with the C sounding like an S in the five books.