Main Character ★
Alexander Falkner
Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Blue
Blood Halfblood
Species Human
Element Water
Parents Radbyrne Falkner
Loyalty Blood Circle
Allies Elbion Archonir
William Thorne
Cedalion Crown
Lewis Saunders
Russell Tenderfoot
Enemies Silvius Buckingham
Lilith Hevan
Lucifer Octavii

Alexander Cephalus "Alex" Falkner was a halfblood and the son of Radbyrne Falkner, as well as an unknown individual. However, most of his life he was in refuge with his grandparents Tyrone and Lucinda Falkner (disguised as "Octavia Falkner"). He grew up raised in the mortal world, and was deemed scholarship into Aurwick house by Elbion Archonir at his righteous age of 13, joining the secretive Blood Circle in 2007 and thus, finishing in 2012.

Most of his mortal life, he was friends with fellow mortals Terrence Moore, which usually despised his avid obsession with magical animals, ie a kelpie in Hallwood Lake. However, his younger sister, Lucy, often believed such and tranced with Alex.


Alex was known to be very loyal and brave to his friends, but also cunning. This was described by his house's traits. However, according to Marcellus Sanguinilon, his element-teller, he is good, hailed and feared beneath the Waters.


  • Prof Dumbledore has always loved the name 'Alex' and 'Falkner,' yet not so keen on 'Faulkner.'